About Artclub

Our project’s mission is presenting and developing art in RA and all over the world.  Our project representing web site is to fill the insufficiency of information and to promote Armenian art. Our project is created for artists and presents itself as a place of promote.   From this site artists will have their personal pages where they  will able to upload their works and show them to the world. This site may promote Armenian talents to be fill the insufficiency of information ed by world and help in developing of Armenian art. The package of services that we offer will interest each artist and will give opportunity of self-expression. isn’t occupied with creating models of art, but helps artists to present their works, so that artists will not have necessity of being involved in that activity, because of it art club will be a great push in developing of art. It’s known that in many foreign countries the greatest part of trade is  fulfilled through internet. Taking  into  consideration of internet development progress in RA art club claims to become the most successed web site in Armenia.


How you can sign up in ?


To relate with us and give informatin about you. (If you were not form your site you could do it from  our help)

Your digital photo (If there were not like it, that   could   be done with our assistant’s  help)

For making your own page in our site at first you must contact us.


What gives  for artists?


To represent works in the world 24 hours a day and 12 months a year.

To have an opportunity being contacted to each other and to a client without means.

To earn money without efforts.

The  artists becoming  members of our club  will get an opportunity to organize their own exhibition and if they wanted   can find their sponsors.

The artists ratings estimated system is set up in  our site, and artists which will have highest rating , will be favored  by artclub. Besides this all, artclub will organize the exhibitions as in Armenia also in abroad.


What gives  to a  client?


To  find suitable works and contact to the artist within several minutes.

According to their taste they can charge that works directly from the  artists.

The  client  or the artist do not pay any per cent or sum in art club.



By this site recruit 80% of models of art  in RA.

To help the artists  to spread their activity not only in RA but also  in global  market .

To enlarge contacts among artists and promote cooperation among them.

By this site make artists works accessible to everyone and fill the insufficiency of information in market.

To find out talented armenian artists and assist development of their career.